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RM69.00 RM169.90
Perfect Sports - Yonex Voltric 200 Light LCW Badminton Racket [100% Genuine]
Price RM69.00 RM169.90
Product SKU Voltric 200 Light LCW
Brand Yonex
Size (L x W x H) 25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm
Reward Points 170
Points Needed 16990
Availability In Stock

Weight: 5U
Grip: G4
Balance: Head-Heavy
Flex: Flexible
Frame: Graphite + Tungsten
Shaft: Graphite


Recommended Stringing Tension: 19-24 lbs
Colour:Jewel Blue

Yonex Voltric Lee Chong Wei 100 Badminton Racket

Smash your way to victory with the help of the Yonex Voltric Lee Chong Wei 100 Badminton. More speed on offensive drives. More power on decisive smashes. Combining incredible power and fast racket handling for the first time, VOLTRIC is the perfect racket for players seeking exceptional ‘all-round’ performance. The stiff racket build at the top of the frame allows the head to bend in a very controlled manner and hold shuttles on the string bed for longer. The sides of the frame are thin to allow more flex and transfer more energy to the shuttle. This combination allows you to smash with immediate responsiveness. 

In VOLTRIC, the weight is balanced on the top of the frame and at the joint area which creates good handling whilst also maintaining power. The thin sides of the frame and at the top of the head reduce air resistance and improve the handling even more so. Players can now make a full swing during short range rallies as VOLTRIC reacts instantly to even the slightest of movements. 

> Head Shape: Isometric
> Frame Weight: 75g-79.9g (2.6-2.8oz)
> Balance: Head heavy
> Flex: Medium
> String Tension 19-24lbs
> Frame Material: Graphite / Tungsten
> Shaft Construction: Graphite

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