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  • This ball is the perfect companion to hard courts around the world.
  • It confirms Wilson's position as the premier ball manufacturer around the world.
  • Wilson balls are now used in 2 of the 4 major tennis tournaments, PLUS the Davis cup with the new Tour ball.
  • The Wilson Australian Open Tennis Balls - In 2006, Wilson will become the Official Ball of the Australian Open and also the only manufacturer to have Official Ball Status 2 of the 4 Grand Slam events.
  • This partnership will highlight Wilson’s ability to develop premium tennis balls for the specific needs demanded by Grand Slam events.
  • With the Australian Open and US Open Tennis Balls, the 2006 Grand Slam season will begin and end with Wilson.
  • 2 Grand Slams, Davis Cup and over 70 ATP and WTA events.
  • Number One in tennis.
  • ITF approved.
  • 3 per Tube

Championship 100 - Durable and long lasting ball, primarily for hard surfaces. White, with a printed year, it comes in a retro-looking box.


  • Wilson Tour Premier All Court 3 Ball can Specifications
  • Brand: Wilson
  • Ball Type: Tins of balls
  • Tennis Court Surface: All
  • Tennis Ball Approval: ITF Approved, Tennis Australia Approved
  • First performance tennis ball with fully recyclable packaging
  • Engage Core integrates material that maintains fresh ball feel 4x longer than a standard core
  • STR Felt is 50% more flexible than standard felt for more feel at contact and provides enhanced durability
  • 5% of profits support worldwide sustainability efforts
  • Sleeve includes three tennis balls
  • The perfect practice ball to help your game.