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The company, which is today famous as RSL Badminton, was started in the year 1928 in London. At the time of its formation, this sports good manufacturer was called Reinforced Shuttlecocks Ltd.

Indeed, this is the name of this shuttlecock manufacturer even now, though most people know it as RSL Badminton. The first badminton related product that the company produced at its London plant was, of course, the badminton shuttlecock.

Until the year 1980, the company's production plant was located at the famous site of the old Cinque Port at Kent. It is only later that the company reached an understanding with the Chinese company - D.H. Shuttlecocks Group.

This move ensured that RSL Badminton would always have a ready supply of top quality goose feathers which are used in the manufacture of shuttlecocks. Thus a great synergy was achieved with RSL Badminton providing the experience and the technology and the Chinese counterpart providing the basic raw material for the manufacture of top quality shuttlecocks.

The company is interested not only in the production of equipment involved in the sport of badminton. In fact, they also donates a lot of money and resources for the further development of the sport.

This takes affect through the RSL Development Partner program. The company is widely known for its sponsorship of international tournaments. It also runs a lot of individual sponsorship programs for talented players.

The company is committed to the development of the sport in those countries that are still new to this sport. They do this by making available top quality equipment to training facilities so that new players can achieve the same sporting level as those in the international circuit. Not only this, RSL is the chief sponsor of the DBF or the Danish Badminton Federation since the year 1997.

They provide both equipment and training facilities to the Danish badminton team. The company manufactures not only top quality shuttlecocks, but is also known for their other sporting equipment. For example, racquets, sports wear, court equipment, bags and other badminton accessories.

The RSL Classic Tourney is one of its most popular shuttlecock designs. It has the distinction of being selected for most of the top tournaments in the world. It is made from some of the best quality goose feathers available, thus rendering a perfect 'feel' to the shuttlecock. RSL Badminton vouches for its durability in the game and claims that it is one of the precise shuttlecocks, even in high-speed play. You should remember that this shuttlecock is available only in 78 speeds.

On the other hand, the RSL Tourney No. 1 is offered in a range of speeds - 77, 78, and 79. The company claims that this is one of the most popular 'tournament' shuttlecocks and that for the last 77 years it has featured in or the other popular competitions.

For those interested in club play, RSL Badminton offers the RSL Ace. It is available in two speeds - 77 and 78. It is a highly durable shuttle and is accurate in its flight even at high speeds. This shuttle is manufactured from especially chosen goose feathers and the shuttle itself has a 'good appearance'.

One of the last offerings of RSL Badminton is the RSL Standard. This is a part of the 'economy' price range offered by the company. It is an ideal shuttle for sports practice at the school level. In contrast to the other shuttles, this one is made of duck feathers rather than goose ones. This RSL Badminton shuttlecock is available in the 78 speed and is an affordable choice for the beginner player.

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