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  • Maxbolt Racquet Grips
  1. Perfect exercise gadget for sports, such as golf, tennis, squash, cricket, badminton, baseball, bowling, basketball, motocross, mountain climbing, etc..
  2. Increase strength in fingers, wrists, hands ,forearms, biceps, triceps, ligament and shoulders.
  3. Great benefit for musicians, guitarists, pianists, drummers.
  4. Rehabilitates sore muscles and joints.100% Brand New And High Quality.
  5. Excellent Workmanship:Every detail is carefully crafted,Smooth feel,Brigh color.
  6. High Imitation Genuine:Texture Clarity,simulation,Wear-resisting.
  7. Fine Structure:Each joint can rotate,Structure simulation.

Wilson's most popular overgrip is now available in colors. This quality grip enjoys a strong following both on the pro tour and with amateur players.


Deck out your new Wilson Camo racquets with these unique overgrips. Far from just being stylish, these grips offer a great blend of comfort and absorption, keeping your hands dry even on the hottest days!

  • Comes 3 to a pack
  • Colors: Green camo, Brown camo, grey camo